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Dear Friend, if you have an existing traffic source base, are a skillful online promoter and marketer, and you are ready to take your affiliate earnings to the next level, then we invite you to join us in promoting Fastwill.Legal, a cloud-based Will and estate document storage, management and distribution service.

And no, you will not find this offer on ClickBank or any of its' competitors as we have reserved this partnership to those savvy individuals who know when in search of gold it is often found on the road less traveled. You may have just stumbled upon a "Gold Mine" my friend and now it's time to cash in.

We are heavily promoting Fastwill.Legal on the air waves and beyond including National Public Radio (NPR) and have been experiencing very positive feedback from their listeners....We are currently unaware of any direct competitors to our offering as we have pioneered a new area for self-help tools and services for Will & estate planning online management. We are now offering a high payout of up to $100.00 per each sale and we'd expect you to experience conversions that are better than anything that you may have tried to date.

We are offering a high-value service, that conscientious prospects immediately see the intrinsic value in. Cloud-based data storage is a multi-billion dollar industry and we have a nice niche in this market.

And consider this....

It Is An Easy Service To Understand And You'll Get Paid Quite Lucratively For Each Sale!

We also offer a Will-Creation-Tool to encourage potential customer to visit our site and we capture each of your sales prospect's email so that we can continue to promote to them via email, newsletters, and online seminars after your initial referral.

We provide the Will Creation-Tool so that can pre-qualify your prospects to ensure that they have a Will to upload along with their estate documents to our service. As mentioned you can earn as much as $100.00 per sale for our Fastwill.Legal 5-year subscription plan.

What does this mean?

Well, this is simply a WIN-WIN as you earn $100.00 for each closed sale and the prospects gains a 5-Year subscription to this valuable service which is approximately only $0.25 cents per day. A very low price for our customers to show how much they care while gaining peace of mind by knowing that their affairs are in order.

It shouldn't be overlooked, that nationally, we have yet to identify a single direct competitor so that leaves our prospects with no other options for these services.

You can literally start generating hundreds or even thousands of leads every single day.

The truth is, this service is newly released so here is your chance to be one of the first to take advantage of this literal "ground-floor-opportunity!"...

If you know a good opportunity when you see one, and are ready to hit the ground running, then with our help you will achieve ROI in no time. So don't waste any more time and get started now!

If you're not an experienced affiliate or you're just getting started, you should consider that some affiliates will simply give up as they have the "Shiny Object Syndrome" (SOS). Some will jump from offer to offer not giving their efforts a chance to really pay off. We are targeting experience affiliates and we are confident that seasoned affiliate can make a solid business by offering our service. 

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As the notorious Buggs Bunny says, "Da dats, da dats, da dat's all folks." We hope that you will consider joining us.

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